Dugalak je privatna kompanija osnovana 1999. Godine u Rusiji, sa 100% inostranim kapitalom i bavi se proizvodnjom nezasicenih poliesterskih smola I zelkouta. Proizvodnja se odvija u dva pogona (u g. Jaroslavlj, Rusija i u pogonima kompanije Axsyntha, Sabac, Srbija). Dugalak je prva inostrana kompanija u Rusiji koja se bavi proizvodnjom navedenih materijala a takodje i jedini proizvodjac poliesterskih smola u Srbiji.

    Proizvodni proces i razvoj novih proizvoda je pod kontrolom inostranih inzenjera i konsultanata. Ukupno je u kompaniji zaposleno vise od 20 inzenjera – tehnologa.

    Firma je vise od 5 godina lider po realizaciji nezasicenih poliesterskih smola I gelcouta u zemljama bivseg SSSR sa godisnjom proizvodnjom preko 10.000 tona. Proizvodnja u Srbiji samo je jos jedan korak u priblizavanju nasih proizvoda potrosacima u centralnoj i jugoistocnoi Evropi.

    O kompaniji


    news 1

    Dugalak is beginning the release of a new product series for the production of circular and polygonal cross-section profiles. The Depol H-300 and Depol H-310 resins are chemically stable, have excellent physical and mechanical properties, ensure high fiberglass wettability.

    news 2

    Dugalak would like to bring to your attention the new range of products, designed for production of GRP with the use of PTM and Light PTM technologies (Depol SR-700 RP, Depol SR-700 RMP, Depol SR-700 RM, Depol SR-700 P). Four new resins give you the opportunity to choose the most suitable option for your production. These resins provide a uniform filling of the matrix and allow the use of high density glass fiber.

    DEPOL SR-700 R Base: Middle reactive, non-promoted, low-visosity tereohtalic and orthophthalic acid based resin. Application method: PTM and Light PTM technologies Application area: Used for production of parts for automobiles and water transport, auto-tuning elements, small boats, decorative panels.

    DEPOL SR-700 RM Base: Middle reactive, non-promoted, low-visosity tereohtalic and orthophthalic acid based resin. Application method: PTM and Light PTM technologies with use of high-density glass mats. Application area: Used for production of parts for automobiles and water transport, auto-tuning elements, small boats, decorative panels.

    New range of products

    Dugalak is expanding its line of general purpose resins and is offering new materials, which are highly adapted to Russian conditions: resins Depol P-120 PT, Depol P-160 PT, Depol P-170 PT. These resins are more stable in low temperatures within production spaces, which leads to an increase in performance.

    New product series

    Our company has organized an annual gathering of clients - a seminar which we traditionally organize every autumn. This year, the seminar took place in Montenegro (the city of Budva), from September 28th to October 3rd 2012.

    The seminar's programmme consisted of presentations with the participation of foreign and Russian specialist, based on the following topics:

    • Report on Dugalak's work and the company's plans for the next year
    • Worldwide tendencies in production of composite materials in Russia
    • Presentation by company BYK Chemi (Germany) about additives in production of composite materials
    • Glass materials and their impact on the quality of composite materials
    • Influence of the quality of fillers on the quality of the final composite product
    • New materials in the assortment of Dugalak, plans on development of new materials for the next year
    • Rules for usage of spraying guns in production of composite materials. Errors and solutions.

     The seminar's programme also included boat tours across the Boka-Kotor Bay, visiting islands (St. George - natural, and "Our Lady Of The Rocks" - artificial) and rafting on the river Tara.

    Seminar for Dugalak's clients in Montenegro

    From September 29th till October 4th 2013 a traditional seminar for Dugalak’s clients took place in Montenegro (the city of Budva). 25 companies, clients of Dugalak, took part in the seminar. The seminar’s main topics were the following:

    • Yearly report on the work and progress of Dugalak, plans for 2014
    • Government support for production of composite materials in the Russian Federation
    • Standardization of products made of composite materials in the Russian Federation (GOST, ASTM, ISO)
    • Effect of temperature conditions on subsequent hardening of composite materials
    • Presentation by company BYK Chemie

    A series of commercial and technical conversations have been held, as well as a variety of cultural and entertainment programs.

    New manufactory of Dugalak

    At the beginning of this year, Dugalak has done a colossal job involving the move to its own new quarters.

    A land area of 1,2 hectares has been acquired, as well as a 1700 square metre building. In March all production was transferred to the new production space, without halting production or decreasing the amount of sales. New equipment has been purchased and the production capacity has been increased to 1000 tonnes of assortment a month.

    By the end of the year all of the remaining work will be complete.

    A decision has been made to purchase new laboratory equipment for testing of physical and mechanical properties of the products, as well as other laboratory equipment, which will give us an opportunity to produce and implement new materials.

    Dugalak has successfully passed the ISO 9001-2011 certification

    Dugalak has successfully passed the certification for the highest standards of quality. The company has received a certificate, which certifies that the quality management system during development, production and sales of unsaturated polyester resins, vinyl ester resins, epoxy vinyl ester resins, gel coats, top coats and semi-finished varnishes for production of LMC, meets the requirements of ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008, IDT) "Quality management system" standards.

    Construction works complete

    In July 2014 the construction works on the Dugalak factory site have been completed. Upon completion, Dugalak will take up over 3000 square metres of production, storage, office and laboratory space. This will allow the company to monthly produce over 1 200 tons of polyester resins and gel coats, as well as single-handedly carrying out all of the necessary production, logistics, quality control and research. The new office space also provides us with the opportunity to train specialists from our clients.